Prima IP PBX - integration of traditional telecommunication and Internet telephony

Platan Prima is the first PBX system in this class giving the possibility of taking advantage of free or cheap Internet calls. Thanks to the integrated GSM cards, the cheap calls to mobile networks and text messages sending are also available. Prima offers advanced features, such as call recording, voicemail and remote management. Prima supports also the IP video door phones, IP videophones and video calls.

It is a perfect solution for the SOHO market, microbusinesses, small branches, service outlets or shops - Prima serves up to 22 users. It is also recommended for use in single- or multi-family houses. Prima is characterised by easy configuration and operation – ready to be used right after you unpack it.

Scheme - Prima IP PBX

Platan Prima IP PBX as an element of the ICT system
Platan Prima IP PBX as an element of the ICT system

Key features

  • Plug & Talk - PBX ready to be used right after you unpack it with predefined producer's settings
  • Mini infoline  – initial and additional announcements to be played, e.g. with information about the call recording or privacy policy.
  • 5 in 1 - choose whatever you need - modular construction gives you the free choice of equipments and extensions
  • Multi-channel call recording
  • Mobile phone in a PBX - cheap and free calls to mobile networks from traditional phones
  • VoiceMail for all users
  • See Who's Calling - Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
  • Local and remote management and upgrade via webbrowser
  • VEK - Cost IP Eliminator:
    • access to cheaper Internet telephony without any additional gateways
    • unique Call Through function - call from a mobile phone via VoIP. Prima recognizes the given mobile phone numbers and directs them to VoIP network
    • possibility of using IP phones
    • SIP trunk (multi-channel VoIP lines) support
  • PZK - Cost Management Programme
    • Penny module - individual accounting of phone call costs
    • Restriction system – limiting the number of unwanted outgoing calls
    • LCR - Least Cost Routing (automatic  selection  of  the cheapest call route)
  • Compatibility with Platan CTI software (additional phone's functions on computer's display)
  • Wall mountable case
  • 3 language versions: Polish, English, Russian

And to that... all characteristics of a modern IP PBX phone system.

Platan Prima is a unique European solution of this size offering integrated call recording, voicemail, call billing and serving all types of telecom lines: IP, analogue, GSM and ISDN.


Prima IP PBX basic configuration

  • 4 VoIP channels for external and internal calls
  • 2 analogue trunk lines (FXO)
  • 6 analogue extensions (FXS)
  • 2 VoIP ports (for IP phones)
  • 2 universal slots for additional equipments

The basic configuration can be expanded by adding cards according to the table (one selected card per slot). Slots may remain empty. Licences for VoIP channels and ports are independent from the hardware configuration.

basic configuration
slot 1
  slot 2
  • 4 VoIP channels
  • 2 trunk lines (FXO)
  • 6 extensions (FXS)
  • 2 VoIP ports (FXS)
  • 1 trunk line
  • 2 extensions 
  • 4 extensions
  • 1 ISDN (2B+D)
  • 1 GSM card
  • 1 trunk line
  • 2 extensions 
  • 4 extensions
  • 1 ISDN (2B+D)
  • 1 GSM card

+ up to 4 licences for VoIP channels for external and internal calls
+ up to 6 licences for VoIP ports (up to 8 IP phones in total)
+ up to 8 licences for video transmission on VoIP ports
+ licences for recording calls on up to 10 channels simultaneously

Prima IP PBX

Test IP PBX Prima

You can see and test IP PBX Prima interface on website (password 12345678).

Prima - dimensions

Standard case (wall mountable)

height width depth weight
295 mm 200 mm 47 mm 1,6 kg

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Prima IP PBX
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