Platan Application Server

Platan Application Server is a small computer with CentOs system with pre-installed the following Platan software:

  • Platan Agent 003 Server. It is a recommended Platan solution when using the integrated call recording in Libra or Proxima PBX Servers. It permits to store many hours of recorded calls;
  • Platan Fax Server – to ensure a fax server stable operation and disk memory for up to 1 mln pages of documents sent and received.


Platan Application Server
Platan Application Server

Benefits of using Platan Application Server

  • using independent, dedicated server provides higher level of security for saved recordings; 
  • as the Platan Application Server does not use system resources (Agent 003 Server is not installed on a computer used for different purposes) it ensures higher stability of operation and keeps higher, constant and predictible disk space for saving the recordings;
  • compact dimensions and esthetic case permit to keep the Server in any place;
  • after the purchase of licence to record calls in Libra / Proxima PBX Server you receive with Platan Application Server a ready-to-use computer with Agent 003 Server installed - Plug & Record; In order to listen to the recordings from the Agent 003 Client app. you'll only need to configure the system in an easy way and grant the required privileges to the selected users;
  • after the purchase of licence for fax accounts you also get a ready-to-use Platan Fax Server (the fax server software is not sold separately), with adequate capapacity of memory to storage the faxes sent and recived;
  • licences on call recording or on fax accounts can be purchased any time after the purchase of Platan Application Server, in order to use one or both pre-installed apps.

See also how the call recording in Libra / Proxima systems is organised and the Platan Application Server's place in it on Call recording page.


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Platan Application Server
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