Platan Video Softphone

The easiest way to take advantage of the video calling function is the free Platan Video Softphone app. Information about the incoming call will be discreetly shown on the screen, in the place specified by you.

Platan Video Softphone app. is a virtual IP phone (a softphone) using video transmission in bypass media technology. Platan Video Softphone app. can be also used as a simple softphone for audio calls. There’re two versions: for PCs and smartphones (Android).

Platan Video Softphone - application to support video calls

In the main window, you have access to the most useful features when making calls – switching (FLASH), muting (MUTE) and transferring calls without answering them (TRANSFER). Thanks to big buttons and clear digits, you will easily dial the desired number, even on a touch screen. You are provided with quick access to voice mail (new messages are signalled by a icon colour change) and to the DND ("Do Not Disturb") function.

Platan Video Softphone main window
Main window

Information about an incoming call
Information about an incoming call

The icon in the side part of the window opens 16- or 32-position handy console where you can find information about the occupancy status of selected internal users (only the PC version). Soft keys can also be assigned to frequently dialled numbers or frequently selected functions. The console is always available, regardless of other currently used functions.

Quick console

Handy console

You can save and search contacts in the Phone book or among the Favourites (marked with asterisk). To each Contact you can attach a photo for easier identification of the caller. You can also import contacts from the global phone book, common to all Proxima or Libra users.

Contact search in Platan Video Softphone
Contact search

An intuitive graphic view of the call history will help you browse, sort or search for incoming, outgoing, missed and unsent calls.

Call history in Platan Video Softphone

Call history

You will see your caller in a large window or on a full screen, with a smaller preview of your own image.


You can switch from a video to a traditional audio conversation at any time. Your caller can use the same Platan Video Softphone app, an IP videophone or call via an IP video door phone.

Platan Video Softphone - video window
Video window

Audio window
Audio window


  • See Who's Talking, See Who Wants to Come in - video transmission in Platan PBX systems [open]

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