Archiver - call archiving

The Platan Archiver app. [since ver. 2.00.xx] for Windows replaces the previous Agent Archiver and Gateway Archiver programmes.

Platan Archiver app. installed on a computer with Windows operating system
Platan Archiver app. installed on a computer
with Windows operating system

How Archiver works

Platan Archiver allows automatic scheduled download of call recordings from:

On one Archiver post you can aggregate call recordings from multiple locations and devices. Copies of recordings, in automatically created year_month folders, are saved on a indicated HDD location as open wave files. Their names clearly identify recorded calls. For the security reasons the access to the list of recordings and the recordings themselves can be separated.

Archiving call recordings from multiple=

Platan Archiver requires the following licences:

  • for Archiver account for Agent 003 app. - in order to archive the calls browsed and managed in Agent 003 app. and/or
  • for a direct access to recordings from a given Libra / Proxima PBX Server
  • in the case of Platan Gateway REC the licence to record included in the price of the IP gateway is sufficient to use Platan Archiver.

Key features

  • frequency of archiving call recordings in the indicated folder: disabled automatic synchronisation, continuous, hourly, daily,
  • the management of recordings from even several dozen of locations,
  • call searching and filtering on date and hour, duration, phrase, call type (external, internal), extension number,
  • listening to and saving of selected calls in .wav format, possibility of sending the file by e-mail,
  • three language versions: Polish, English and Russian.


List of devices supported by Platan Archiver app. [since v2.00.xx]:

Product gallery

Platan Archiver on a computer with Windows system
Platan Archiver - browsing recorded calls
Platan Archiver - Recordings browser tab - possibility of recordings browsing, searching and liftering
Platan Archiver - Configuration tab - adding servers, setting the recordings browser and output directories, language selection


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