Platan Hotel

Platan Hotel is a hotel software embedded in Proxima, Proxima plus and Libra PBX servers. A perfect solution for smaller hotel facilities, guesthouses, sanatoriums, motels, inns and hotels.

Who will find Platan Hotel useful

If you want to:

  • have current information about rooms' occupation (guest checked-in, checked-out) and availability (temporary unavailble, eg. because of room renovation),
  • bill easily guests of phone calls made,
  • manage room statuses (have preview of current statuses, define them freely, print the lists of tasks for cleaning staff),
  • set wake-up calls for guests,

and you do not want to install additional software - profit of Platan Hotel program, embedded in Proxima, Proxima plus and Libra that supports the features related to the PBX system. Only a one-time, valid indefinitely licence is required for its activation.

It's a simple solution supporting the management of hotel facilities having the telecom system and phones in the rooms:

  • hotels,
  • guesthouses,
  • hostels,
  • sanatoriums,
  • inns,
  • motels.

It allows you to manage hotels with up to 100 rooms.

Platan Hotel is already in your PBX server, you just need to activate it. Without installation of any additional software, program is available via web browsers!

Preview of information about rooms

Receptionist has a preview of available rooms on scalable window. Up to 100 rooms can be monitored and managed. In Proxima or Libra PBX server management software  the extension numbers may be assigned the same as room numbers.

Rooms' preview in Platan Hotel

Rooms' preview in Platan Hotel

Every room is presented as a colour tile with the following information visible:

  • room number (next to the colour dot),
  • extention phone number (next to the handset symbol),
  • wake-up calls defined (alarm clock symbol),
  • room status enabled (exclamation mark),
  • room availability:
    • green colour means room with checked-out guest,
    • orange colour - room with checked-in guest,
    • grey colour - room temporarily out of service  (eg. for renovation or repair).

Rooms can be filtered so that one type is presented only, eg. rooms without guests. Any room can be searched by number as well.


Check-in, wake-up calls, call billing

During the guest's check-in the possibility of making outgoing calls from the room phone is activated automatically. While the internal calls (with reception, bar, other hotel rooms) are free of charge, as well as all incoming calls, guests will receive bills for their outoing calls. For safety reasons it's recommended to block in PBX server calls on premium numbers.

The guest's name entered in Platan Hotel software can be displayed on hotel phones, if such option is defined in Proxima or Libra server program.

The guest's name entered during check-in can appear on phones' displays

The guest's name entered during check-in can appear on phones' displays

Receptionist, either during the check-in or later on, during the guest's stay, may also define wake-up calls in Platan Hotel - single or repeated. At a given time the PBX system will automatically call the room and play a voice announcement.

Defining wake-up calls for the room in Platan Hotel software

Defining wake-up calls for the room in Platan Hotel software

During check-out the receptionist will charge the guest for calls made and print the billing with times of calls and phone numbers that were called. Program warns users if they try to check out guests and they're any calls for the given room. After check-out in Platan Hotel software, the PBX will automatically block the room phone for outgoing calls. The billing for the given period can be printed also after the check-out, if necessary.

Call billing in Platan Hotel

Call billing in Platan Hotel



Room statuses

Libra and Proxima PBX servers support up to 8 freely definable room statuses. They allow efficient management of rooms and communication with staff concerning the required works or tasks and the confirmation of their performance in return.

All or selected types of statuses (eg. rooms for complete cleaning after guest's check-out) can be printed with information about codes to be used to delete them. After having dialled the code from the room phone - the room status will change in the Platan Hotel software.

Print of room statuses for cleaning staff

Print of room statuses for cleaning staff


Watch the movie

Watch short videomanual about using and configuring Platan Hotel software (English subtitles available):


What is required

In order to use Platan Hotel software you'll need

Test online

Test online Platan Hotel software on Platan PBX servers at or Default password: 77777777. See Platan Hotel software interface and try its features in three language versions.

Note: the default language version depends on the user's operating system. For languages other than Polish or Russian the default version will be English. Language or currency used on the prints of call billings can be changed in menu: Ustawienia (Settings) -> Ogólne (General).


Temporary licence

Ask for 30 day, free temporary licence to test the Platan Hotel software on your Proxima, Proxima plus or Libra PBX servers.

In order to receive such one-time temporary licence, please send an order at export (at) with the PBX server's controller's number. The temporary licence code is entered in the PBX server's management program.

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