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Platan systems: Libra PBX Server, Proxima IP PBX Server, Prima IP PBX and Prima nano IP PBX offer integrated call recording. To browse the recordings, play them and save locally the Agent 003 (for Libra and Proxima) and Agent 001 (for Prima) applications are used. 

Agent 003 app to serve call recordings in Proxima and Libra servers

Agent 003 - call recordings in Libra and Proxima

Agent 003 software serves for listening and managing the calls recorded in Libra PBX Server and Proxima IP PBX Server.

Platan Agent 003 - features

  • higher security (HDD archive) and fast access to the recordings. Agent 003 app works in server/client mode, meaning that recordings from Libra/Proxima servers are saved on computer disk (HDD) with Agent 003 Server app installed. They can be browsed, played and downloaded by Agent 003 Client app;
  • independent of operating systems, access via web browser, no need to install any software on users' computers
  • three types of users:
    • Administrator (server configuration, users management, no possibility of listening to the recorded calls),
    • Supervisor (listening to the multiple users' calls)
    • Client (listening to one user's calls).

In Agent 003 app Client and Supervisor can search calls by the following criteria:

  • Date and time
  • Call longer than...
  • Phrase – searching by any string of characters
  • Type of call (external, internal, both)
  • Extensions numbers.

To record calls you'll need:

  • Libra PBX Server [ver. 1.00.xx or higher] with SD card
  • Proxima IP PBX Server [ver. 1.04.xx or higher] with microSD card
  • Start set - licences for call recording with Agent 003 software (Server + 1 Admin user + 1 Supervisor user)
  • Optionally additional recording channels and additional licences for Administrator/Supervisor/Client users (up to 1024 licences of every type)
  • Optionally (recommended solution) - Platan Application Server with Agent 003 Server installed.

Agent 003 Server equpiment requirements

  • 2-core processor – 2x1.6 GHz
  • 40 GB free space on hard disk
  • operation memory – 4 GB
  • LAN 10/100
  • operating system: Windows XP or latter
  • Java ver. 6
  • Platan Application Server recommended as a distinct workstation for Agent 003 Server.

Users' access to the recordings (Agent 003 Client) is possible via web browser (Firefox ver. 18 or latter recommended), no other additional software setup on users' computers is required.

More information about call recording in Libra and Proxima servers can be found on Call recording page.
More about Platan Application Server on Platan Application Server page.

Agent 001 - call recordings in Prima

Agent 001 computer program serves for listening to the calls recorded on the SD card in Prima IP PBX or Prima nano IP PBX. Agent 001 is distributed free-of-charge with every Prima and Prima nano, but in order to record calls the call recording licence for Prima/Prima nano is required. Agent 001 can be installed on any number of posts.

What can you do in Agent 001?

Admin in Agent 001 can:

  • create users accounts and grant privileges for listening and deleting calls of selected users (one or more)
  • browse/listen to all calls recorded in Prima/Prima nano IP PBX
  • delete recorded calls
  • record and upload to the IP PBX the voice announcements
  • import recordings from the SD card to the local disk
  • export recordings to open wav files
  • create descriptions for callers and called parties numbers - visible in Agent 001 .

User in Agent 001 can:

  • browse/listen to the recorded calls
  • export recordings to open wav files
  • create descriptions for callers and called parties numbers

The recorded calls are download directly from SD card installed in a Prima/Prima nano IP PBX. They can be filtered by:

  • date and time
  • caller's number
  • called party number

Equipment requirements

The program is to be installed in a desktop or a mobile computer (laptop) meeting the following minimum requirements:

  • Pentium 200 or equivalent processor;
  • Windows XP/VISTA/7 operating system;
  • 50 MB free space on hard disk;
  • 32 MB RAM memory;
  • LAN card;
  • CD drive.

Product gallery

Call listening by Supervisor in Agent 003 app
Call recordings in Agent 001 app


  • Agent 003 - instalation and user manual [open]
  • Prima user manual including Agent 001 manual [open]

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