Announcer services

Why professional announcer?

If you want to:

  • build positive company image,
  • welcome callers with your own announcements,
  • have high-quality announcements, recorded with a nice voice of a professional announcer and not a speech synthetiser,
  • create an IVR (Intelligent Voice Response) system with voice messages of any length and content,
  • assure the highest quality of announcements, with parameters adapted to the requirements of a given PBX model,
  • record announcements for a new or an already owned PBX system,
  • communicate in English and/or Polish,
  • get the announcement files quickly and at affordable price

make use of the announcer services offered by Platan company in cooperation with a professional announcer and his recording studio.

How to order a lector service

  1. Send an order with a text to be recorded; choose among:
    • male or female voice (NEW!),
    • a welcome message in English*,
    • a joint welcome message in English and Polish*,
    • infoline messages for IVR system in English* (A4 pages, 1800 characters including spaces),
    • joint infoline messages for IVR system in English and Polish* (A4 pages, 1800 characters including spaces.
  2. Add information about the PBX model, for which you want to have the announcements (Libra, Proxima, Proxima plus, Prima, Prima nano, Prima mini, older models).
  3. You'll get the files for approval within 2-3 working days. Any corrections made due to the announcer's mistake are free of charge and have the highest priority.
  4. Upload the files to the PBX and enjoy the sound of your new announcements.

* we do not translate the texts nor check their corectness.

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