Mini infoline in Prima

In Prima IP PBX you can now use additional types of voice announcements that permit to create a mini infoline in this small IP PBX.

The infoline has been created as a response to clients' requests for additional voice messages in Prima IP PBX, e.g. to inform about the call recording. The number of such enquiries has raised since the new European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) were introduced in May 2018, imposing among others the obligation of informing about the privacy policy. Now all the announcements, apart from the messeges related to the traffic distribution, can be played not only in bigger Proxima and Libra PBX Servers, but also in small Prima IP PBX.

The new types of announcements are as follows:

  • initial announcement - it is played before the main announcement. It may be obligatory to be listened to (e.g. the information about the calls being recorded) or the exit code can be set so that the caller can interrupt the announcement,
  • additional announcement – if the DISA function is enabled (possibility of dialling by callers the extension numbers), an additional message is also available for callers interested in it (e.g. information about the privacy policy, the current promotions etc.). It can be accessed with the dial code set in the program.

Thanks to these two types of announcements we get additional ways of organising  the incoming traffic in Prima IP PBX. More about these new announcements and the traffic organisation in Prima can be found on our Platan blog in the article 7 ways how to organise the incoming traffic in Prima (in Polish). 

The new settings can be seen in Prima Web Konfigurator at prima.platan.pl (default password: 12345678).

Mini infoline is available in all three Prima models: Prima, Prima nano and Prima mini for free, after the firmware upgrade. The number of announcements and the total time dedicated for them remain unchanged.


[Prima IP PBX, ver. 3.04.12]

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