Mini infoline in Prima

In Prima IP PBX you can now use additional types of voice announcements that permit to create a mini infoline in this small IP PBX.

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Platan Application Server - 2 in 1

Platan Application Server is now offered with two Platan apps. pre-installed: Agent 003 Server and Platan Fax Server.

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One Archiver

Platan Archiver app. serves to archive calls recorded in multiple locations, on different devices.

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Long text messages in Platan CTI

In the newest Platan CTI version [ver. 2.00.xx] we support long text messages (up to 670 characters).

Voicemail Plus and more virtual extensions

In Libra, Proxima plus and Proxima PBX servers we can now create the group voicemail inboxes. It's voicemail Plus.

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