Voicemail Plus and more virtual extensions

In Libra, Proxima plus and Proxima servers you can create group voicemail inboxes. It's voicemail Plus.

Thanks to voicemail Plus we can give clients a possibility to leave a voice message on infoline of any given call scheme (also on Hunt Group number) when the company is in off-hours.  Up to 8 voicemail Plus inboxes can be created and a Supervisor can be assigned to each inbox. The Supervisor will manage the messages in Platan CTI app – listen to them, delete or save and distribute them as .wav files.

Responding to one of our client's request, we have also doubled the number of virtual extensions and individual billing accounts. Now we can use 2000 of them.

More information on: Libra, Proxima plus and Proxima pages.


[Libra, ver. 2.02.08]

[Proxima, ver. 2.02.08]

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