Video calls in Prima

The video calls are now available also in Prima and Prima nano IP PBXs, just like in Proxima and Libra PBX servers.

In Prima and Prima nano IP PBXs we have introduced the support of video calls for external VoIP accounts and VoIP extensions. The service works the same as in Libra and Proxima PBX servers. The IP videophones and Platan Video Softphone app. (version on PC and Android mobile devices) are supported by Prima and Prima nano IP PBXs.

A special attention should be paid to the S03 IP video door phone and Platan Video Viewer app. which are also supported by Prima IP PBX. The software allows to see the door phone camera view on the computer screen while answering the call from the door phone by any phone connected to the Platan PBX.

The video calls are licenced, the licences are on VoIP extensions that are enhanced with this feature. In order to make video calls at least two VoIP channels are required (in Prima they are available as standard equipment).

Apart of that, the new version of Prima IP PBX is more resistent to hacker attacks.

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