Test freely for 30 days

In Proxima, Proxima plus and Libra PBX servers you can test licenced functionality for free.

See on the movie (English subtitles available):

Temporary, valid for 30 days licences you can get for:
- VoIP extensions
- video on VoIP extensions
- VoIP channels
- call recording channels
- queuing
- fax transmission on VoIP channels (T.38)
- participants in conference rooms
- support of TAPI protocol (e.g. for Microsoft Outlook)
- external ports (for using mobile phones as extensions).

And also for:
- access via Platan Archiver directly to the PBX server to download the call recordings and archive them.

In order to generate the temporary licence, the controller number and a token available after logging into the LibraWeb/ProximaWeb are required. Temporary licences can be can be received for both newly bought and already being used.

If you are interested in tested any of the licenced functionality, please contact our partner in your country.

We invite our partners to contact the Export Manager for additional information.


Behind the scenes

See the problems we face when making the multilangual materials ;) Movie available with English subtitles.

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