Platan Video Viewer & IP video door phone

Our offer of VoIP-based accessories has been enhanced by a vandal-resistent IP video door phone. It is accompanied by free Platan Video Viewer app.

S03 IP video door phones allow to see the people standing in front of the entrance, talking to them and remote control of three relays (opening of gateway, door etc.). Safe 03 IP video door phone is supported by Proxima IP PBX Server, Proxima plus IP PBX Server, Libra PBX Server, Prima IP PBX and Prima nano IP PBX. The calls can be also answered on IP videophones and in Safe software on PC, laptop or smartphone.

Additionally, thanks to the Platan Video Viewer app., developped by Platan, in order to talk to the people standing at the door phone, any phone connected to the Platan PBX system can be used, while the camera view from the video door phone will be displayed on a computers screen. This solution is dedicated for Platan PBXs' users.

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