Multi Phone in Proxima and Libra

Multi Phone function - assign up to four phones (including mobile phones) to one extension number. Available in Proxima, Proxima plus and Libra servers.

More information about the Multi Phone function and the examples of use you'll find on Multi Phone page.

Furthermore, the [ver. 2.00] firmware version of Proxima, Proxima plus and Libra servers introduces among others:

  • a new port type – external (requires licence),
  • boss-secretary scenario - to limit access to privileged users,
  • additional support of PBX functions from the proprietary phone context menu,
  • export of an extensions list,
  • assigning a Hunt Group status to a DSS key,
  • new #9991 billing number for conference calls.


In ver. 2.00.xx the Platan Intelligent Networking (PIN) has been temporarily disabled. It is connected with the peparation for new Platan networking system, that is due to appear in the next firmware version.

We recommend remaining with the ver. 1.30.08 firmware version for all users using PIN.

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