VoIP64 cards for Proxima and Libra

VoIP card for Proxima IP PBX Server is designed for companies interested in wider use of VoIP-based communication. Proxima-VoIP64 card serves up to 64 VoIP channels for G.711 codec, and up to two such cards can be installed in the server. Proxima can serve up to 138 VoIP channels (10 on the controller and up to 128 channels on two VoIP cards).

At the same time, the total number of VoIP ports in Proxima IP PBX Server increased. Now it is possible to connect up to 400 IP phones or IP video phones.

We introduce also new, more efficient VoIP card for Libra PBX Server. Libra-VoIP64 card serves up to 64 VoIP channels, and in six Libra units up to 6 VoIP64 cards can be used.

Thanks to the new VoIP64 cards much more users can simultanously profit from the cheap or free VoIP calls, both in one as in multiple company's locations.

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