Conference rooms in Platan systems

Meeting the expectations of the corporate clients, we introduce  the conference rooms in Platan PBX systems. You can organise now teleconference calls for even up to several dozen of participants. Meet in a virtual conference room. Just dial in and talk.

The total number of participants (both internal and external) in all the conferences depend on the licence. You can have up to 10 or 20 participants in all the concurrent conferences in Proxima IP PBX Server, and up to 10, 20, 30 or 40 participants in Libra PBX Server. If you need more - do not hesitate to contact our Export Department.

The number of conference rooms is practically unlimited - you can make as many conference room reservations as you want. Neither the number of conference calls is licenced, as it changes dynamically depending on the number of people participating in the ongoing conferences. Thus, with a licence for 10 participants you can have for instance 1 conference at a time in 1 conference room for 10 participants, or 3 concurrent conferences in 3 conference rooms with 3 participants each.

There are two types of conference rooms:

  • single - created for a single conference call; the conference organiser has to participate in it
  • multiple - created to organise periodical meetings; the conference organiser does not have to be present.

A conference organiser (person making a conference room reservation) receives an automatically generated 4-digit room number and a PIN code. They are required for authorisation when dialling in the conference room. The organiser distributes these data to the invited conference participants (by e-mail, Platan CTI message, text message etc.). The conference organiser can listen to the information about the active conference room reservations.

More information on the Teleconferences page.

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