Three Platan IP phones with Wi-Fi

New on the market – wireless Platan IP phones in unbeatable prices. Our offer is complemented with three models of Wi-Fi phones.

We're launching:

  • Platan IP-T218CGW for the most demanding users, with large colour display and secondary one to program up to 20 contacts or features under 8 two-colour BLF keys. The phone supports Platan EXT-244CG expansion modules,
  • Platan IP-T216CGW - a wireless version of already known Platan IP-T216CG model. This phone  supports Platan EXT-244CG expansion modules as well,
  • Platan IP-T200W – a wireles version of the most popular Platan IP-T200G model.

All phones with Wi-Fi (marked with 'W') are provided with relevant chargers.

More information on VoIP phones site. Ask our Export Manager for prices.

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