Prima nano - Freedom of choice

Prima nano is the newest Platan's IP PBX system. It offers minimal basic configuration at attractive price, modular construction and full freedom of choosing the equipments to suit  the user's real needs.

Prima nano makes it possible to talk at a low cost thanks to the VoIP technology, it can be used as a VoIP gateway and it supports Platan SIP trunk. Cheap or free calls to the mobile networks as well as sending and receiving text messages are also available. Prima nano's functionality is enhanced by the embedded call recording and voicemail, while the PBX management is intuitive and simple via the web browser.

The PBX can serve up to 20 users/phones and is a perfect solution for SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market, microbusinesses, small branches, shops, service outlets, single or multi-family houses.

Prima nano is a unique European solution of this size offering integrated call recording, voicemail, call billing and serving all types of telecom lines: IP, analogue, GSM and ISDN.


More information about Prima nano IP PBX can be found on Prima nano IP PBX site.

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