Platan Intelligent Networking

We introduce new functionality - Platan Intelligent Networking (PIN) for Libra PBX Servers with VoIP 60 cards.

Platan Intelligent Networking (PIN) offers:

  • possibility of networking up to five Libra servers
  • up to 600 users in uniform telecommunication system with coherent extension numbering
  • use of all 60 VoIP channels of Libra-VoIP 60 card to ensure the efficient communication among servers
  • simpler configuration and dialling simplicity - caller dials on any telephone any extension number within a system
  • Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)
  • server connections "all to all" type or connection limitations like "all to one" or "one to all"
  • standard server functionality such as call forwarding, call transferring, Hunt Groups etc.

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