VoIP 60 card for Libra

VoIP 60 card dedicated for Libra PBX Server is available since August 4th, 2011. Libra VoIP card can serve:

  • up to 400 VoIP ports
  • up to 60 VoIP channels equals 60 simultaneous VoIP calls

Thanks to the VoIP 60 card, even in Libra equipped with driver 1 you have up to 200 VoIP ports at disposal. Take the advantage of VoIP communication in wider extent by using drivers 2-4, which serve up to 400 VoIP ports. Depending on your needs, the actual number of VoIP ports and simultaneous VoIP calls depend on the number of licences and chosen server driver. In companies with high traffic intensity we recommend using higher drivers.

For current prices please contact our Sales Office.

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