Internal VoIP ports in Prima

We\'ve introduced 6 internal (FXS) VoIP ports in Prima IP PBX. Prima can now serve up to 16 users, with both analogue and IP phones.

Two VoIP FXS ports are offered in basic configuration. Four additional VoIP FXS ports are optional.

Thus the Prima basic configuration looks as follows:

  • 3 FXO VoIP ports
  • ­2 analogue external (CO) lines
  • 6 analogue extensions
  • 2 FXS VoIP ports (for IP phones)

The price for basic configuration remains unchanged!

You may extend the basic configuration with:

  • ­1 ISDN (2B+D) interface or 1 analogue external (CO) line
  • 2 or 4 analogue extensions
  • 4 FXS VoIP ports (for IP phones)

The users of Prima\'s older version may freely upgrade the IP PBX firmware from Prima Web Konfigurator.

You could test PBX Prima interface on website prima.platan.pl (password 12345678)

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