Integrated call recording in Prima

Prima IP PBX has now integrated call recording on SD card.

To record the calls you need a licence for the recording - one for all the users. Prima serves SD cards with capacity from 1 to 32 GB. With the licence you'll receive a 2GB SD card recommended by Platan.  The SD card is destinated for call recording, for messages left in voice mail system and welcome messages saved as .wav files.

The calls recorded on SD card can be managed and listened from Agent 001 aplication. For safety reasons the files are saved locally in encrypted format, non readable by other multimedia players. You can listen to the recordings only from Agent 001 software with SD card inserted in the PBX. You can create users accounts with different permissions for listening, deleting and exporting recordings to .wav files.

With the new Prima firmware [ver. 2.00.xx] the capacity of Voice Mail system increses as well (Voice Mail requires a SD card). Each of 16 PBX users, both analogue and VoIP, can save up to 25 voice messages, up to 4 min. each. It gives in total up to 1600 minutes in such a small IP PBX! You can listen to the messages left in Voice Mail system from your phone or from Platan CTI software.

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