Conferences in Lithuania and Latvia

On September 25-28th Platan company, invitated by their partners, held conferences in Riga (Latvia), Vilnius and Kaunas (Lithuania) on "Modern telecommunication solutions for business based on Platan systems".

Platan company presented the organisation of modern business operation with the use of Platan systems. The following topics were raised among others:

  • organising corporate telecommunication network,
  • using Internet-based telephony,
  • organising call centre operation,
  • using embedded call recording,
  • using multichannel IVR system.

Solutions presented during the conferences were very well received by the participants, considered useful and valid.

We would like to thank all for coming and for your active participation.

There is no language barrier for Platan PBX systems - Latvian
Platan PBX systems presentation in Riga
There is no language barier for Platan PBX systems - Lithuanian
Platan PBX systems presentation in Vilnius
There is always something that makes Platan partners happy
Technical and service aspects of Platan systems - in Kaunas (Lithuania)

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