Call queuing and free call distribution

New Libra PBX Server firmware introduces call queuing and revolutionary changes in call distribution. It offers much wider possibilities of serving telecom traffic efficiently thanks to:

  • call queuing with information about position in queue and estimated waiting time, with possibility of setting the queue limits and/or waiting time;
  • practically unlimited number of freely defined call schemes instead of previous infolines, with possibility of enabling call recording at any level;
  • free call transferring and passing from one call scheme to another - now the call can be transferred and left on any call scheme, e.g. in another department, where calls are answered by different group of consultants, with distinctive announcements and queues;
  • channel limits for selected trunk line bunches in outgoing or incoming traffic (all incoming calls or calls incoming to selected call schemes) - it can be used for instance in a health center with one PRA line; with intensive incoming traffic the channel limits permit to save some free channels also for outgoing calls;
  • extended ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) tables - up to 100 tables and 1000 entries; they permit to create Black Lists of intrusive calls, to direct automatically the calls to the specific people or groups of people, to define the queue priority numbers (VIP), etc. 
  • Time for notes - definable time for call answerers in Hunt Groups to make notes after every answered call, enter data to database etc., during this time new calls will be directed to other people;
  • new recordings of announcements and system information, including the information about position in queue and estimated waiting time; new, easy on the ear melodies that may be repeated cyclically.

[Libra PBX Server, ver. 1.02.xx]

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