Privacy Policy

Personal data (full name, address etc.) entered by users voluntarily in contact forms and in Platan internet services, or given during telephone conversations with Platan employees, are used by Platan solely to assure the customer service. The personal information is gathered in order to contact the users, identify them and to process the orders and service shipments.

Newsletter is sent only to users who declared the will to receive it. The subscribers retain the right to modify the personal data and to remove it from the database. The personal data is not transferred to any third party.

Cookies are tiny files saved in user's webbrowser cache. They save individual system settings and permit to use the authenticated pages by maintaining the logging session. We limit the gathering and the use of data about Platan website users to the indispensable mininum. Information is used for statistical purposes, thus permitting us to better understand the behaviour of our website visitors. Statistic data is anonymous and is  not considered as personal data. We do not use it for advertising purposes and do not transfer it to any third party.

You can disable cookies in your webbrowser, nevertheless it may cause some inconvenience when using the Platan website. Webbrowsers producers publish on their websites detailed information about cookie management.

We reserve the right to modify the present Privacy Policy.

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